5.15 National Investor Protection Publicity Day: Daye Shares "Heart to Investors and Work Together"

Release date:2020-05-27

In order to do a good job in investor protection publicity on "5.15 National Investor Protection Publicity Day", Shandong Daye Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Daye Shares, stock abbreviation: 603278) actively responded to the call of Shandong Securities Regulatory Bureau to "heart investors and join hands Take action together-study and implement the new "Securities Law, protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors" as the theme of the event, and carry out investor protection publicity activities.

         Taking this event as an opportunity, the company will continue to strengthen the quality of company information disclosure, increase company transparency, actively carry out investor interaction and communication, create a good investor relations atmosphere, enhance investors’ understanding of listed companies, and guide investors to establish correctness in all aspects Investment philosophy, to better protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors.

  • Since its listing in 2017, Daye Shares has adhered to a standardized, efficient and professional board of directors governance mechanism to effectively protect investors’ rights and Fundamental interests.

  •          Shandong Securities Regulatory Bureau and Daye shares remind you:

  •          1. Establish a rational investment concept and enhance risk prevention awareness.

  •          2. Blind obedience is risky and rational value is high.

  •          3. Financial management depends on reason, investment avoid speculation.

  •          4. Live within your means, invest appropriately, avoid blind obedience, and invest rationally.

  •          5. Invest rationally, resist temptation, and stay away from illegal activities.

  •          6. Know the market, know yourself, and be an investor who makes rational investments.

  •          7. Investment must go to legal channels, prevent the risks of illegal securities investment, and establish the awareness of investment risks.

  •          8. Mature, rational, understand investment, operate honestly and in compliance with regulations.

  •          9. "New speculation" is risky, and investment needs to be cautious.

  •         10. To follow the trend and speculate more losses, rational investment is fundamental.