Culture is the lifeblood of enterprise development

The corporate culture of Daye is the values of righteousness and innovation of corporate leaders recognized by all employees.

The core of Daye culture is righteousness and innovation. It is a characteristic cultural system that emerged and gradually formed during the development of Daye over the past ten years. Daye culture advocates righteousness---being a man beforehand; innovation---innovating for development, from concept, strategy to technology and market innovation, along with the great cause from scratch, from small to large, from large to strong, and from China In the world, Daye culture itself is constantly innovating and developing. The universal recognition and conscious participation of employees are the ideal goals of Daye’s cultural construction. Every employee of Daye will fully realize their personal values and pursuits in the process of realizing the world brand of Daye. Excellent both in character and learning, good in character and second in learning.

  The spirit of the great cause: gather talents from all over the world to create a brilliant cause

  Daye Vision: Aiming at the forefront, focusing on innovation, rapid development, global reputation 

  Great cause value: create value for customers and create benefits for society

  Great cause concept: Pursue excellence, strive for perfection

  Great cause thought: do not stick to conventions, dare to be the first

  Great cause style: diligent and pragmatic, vigorous and resolute;

  Great cause incentives: equal opportunities and transparent distribution

  The image of the great cause: with world in mind, sincerity and infinite