Daye shares remind you of the "Financial Knowledge Popularization Month" event in 2020

Release date:2020-09-15

1. Invest rationally and stay away from the trap of illegal securities and futures;

2. There are risks in "speculation in new", and investment needs to be cautious;

3. Don't be greedy, keep your eyes open, break the roots, and prevent fraud;

4. Establish a rational investment concept and enhance risk prevention awareness;

5. Choose appropriate wealth management products and protect your property;

6. Careful selection of wealth management products and reasonable allocation to reduce risks;

7. Correctly establish financial management concepts and rationally choose investment channels;

8. Keep the risk in mind and invest according to your ability;

9. Stay away from illegal fundraising and refuse the temptation of high profits;

10. Improve risk prevention capabilities and consciously resist illegal fund-raising;

11. Know the market, know yourself, and be an investor who makes rational investments;

12. To follow the trend and make more losses, rational investment is fundamental;

13. Investment must go to legal channels, prevent the risks of illegal securities investment, and establish the awareness of investment risks;

14. The "five essentials" to prevent illegal securities activities are to learn relevant laws and regulations, second to learn about securities investment, third to maintain a rational investment mentality, fourth to seek professional opinions, and fifth to resist illegal securities activities.