3.15 International Consumer Rights Day: Daye shares protects the legitimate rights and interests of investors and ensures the healthy and stable development of the capital market

Release date:2021-03-15

       Shandong Daye Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Daye shares, stock code: 603278) In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and fundamental interests of investors and ensure the healthy and stable development of the capital market, the company actively responds to the spirit and spirit of the Shandong Securities Regulatory Bureau’s instructions on capital market construction. Relevant requirements, actively carry out investor interaction and communication, create a good investor relations atmosphere, increase investors’ understanding of the company, and guide investors in all aspects to establish correct investment concepts, so as to protect investors in a fair, fair and open manner. Legal rights.

On 3.15 International Financial Consumer Rights Day, Shandong Securities Regulatory Bureau and Daye Shares warmly remind you:

1. Honest and trustworthy to be a respected listed company.

2. Invest rationally. Stay away from the trap of illegal securities and futures.

3. Don't be greedy, keep your eyes open, break the roots, and prevent fraud.

4. Establish a rational investment concept and enhance risk prevention awareness.

5. Choose suitable financial products and protect your property.

6. Wealth management products are carefully selected and reasonably configured to reduce risks.

7. Correctly establish financial management concepts and rationally choose investment channels.

8. Keep the risk in mind and invest according to your ability.

9. Stay away from illegal fundraising and reject the temptation of high profits.

10. Improve risk prevention capabilities and consciously resist illegal fundraising.

11. Know the market, know yourself, and be an investor who makes rational investments.

12. To follow the trend and make more losses, rational investment is fundamental.

13. Investment must go to legal channels, prevent the risks of illegal securities investment, and establish the awareness of investment risks.

14. "Five essentials" to prevent illegal securities activities:

First, learn relevant laws and regulations;

Second, learn the knowledge of securities investment;

Third, we must maintain a rational investment mentality;

Fourth, we must seek professional opinions;

Fifth, we must resist illegal securities activities.

15. "New speculation" is risky, and investment needs to be cautious.