The epidemic is ruthless and the cause is love-welcome Wulian employees back to work
  2021-11-16  times

       On the morning of November 16, 2021, the company organized a welcome event for Wulian employees to return to work at the gate of the steel cord testing center, and distributed masks to the returning employees. On behalf of the company, Xu Haitao, deputy general manager of the company, welcomed the Wulian employees back to work and delivered a speech.


  Deputy General Manager Xu Haitao said that the epidemic has brought great challenges to colleagues in Wulian. During the epidemic, the company was very concerned about the health and safety of Wulian colleagues and sent daily supplies for everyone; you are all As a member of Daye, I have contributed to the development of the company. On behalf of the company, I welcome all colleagues to go home, and I hope that everyone will prepare as soon as possible and devote themselves to the future work and life with a more vigorous fighting spirit.