600 words, explain the "14th Five-Year Plan" of Shandong Tire!
  2021-12-12  times

2021-11-22 Reposted from: China Rubber Magazine Hao Regulations

  In order to clarify the development goals and guide and promote the high-end, green and sustainable development of Shandong's chemical industry, the Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology recently issued the "14th Five-Year Development Plan for Shandong's Chemical Industry."

  As an important part of the chemical industry in Shandong Province, the tire industry has made a lot of mistakes in the "14th Five-Year Plan". The key contents are summarized as follows:

1. Production capacity withdrawal

  Strictly implement industrial policies and industry standards, and integrate and exit all-steel radial tires (except engineering tires, aviation tires, and wide-section tubeless tires) with an annual production capacity of 1.2 million or less, and semi-steel radial tires (run-flat tires) with an annual production capacity of less than 5 million (Except for high-end racing tires and ultra-low-profile tires) companies that withdraw from production capacity can be replaced by reductions.

2. Elimination of process equipment

   Eliminate rubber mills that cannot achieve closed automatic feeding, and vulcanization equipment in the radial tire industry that cannot achieve nitrogen filling technology.

3. Product structure adjustment

  Oriented by high-end and market segments, develop high-end products such as ultra-low section, flattened, low rolling resistance, low noise, and run-flat maintenance, and increase smart tires, safety tires, low rolling resistance tires, and ultra-wear-resistant tires. The R&D and production of performance radial tires and aviation tires, giant all-steel engineering tires, and high-performance motorcycle radial tires will increase the added value and market share of products.

4. Strengthen industrial clusters

  Strengthen the Peninsula Tire Industrial Cluster and the Lubei Tire Industrial Cluster, strengthen the linkage of industrial supporting facilities, refine the Luxi rubber additives industrial cluster, and enlarge the Ludong rubber processing equipment industrial cluster.

5. cloud-digital intelligent connection to build

   Comprehensively improve the digitization, networking and intelligence of the tire industry, promote the construction of smart factories in the tire industry in Shandong Province, and create an Internet cloud platform for the tire manufacturing industry.

6. Green and circular development

   Actively promote green tire production processes such as chemical rubber refining and radiation pre-vulcanization technology, encourage the secondary utilization of tires, promote green pyrolysis and carbon black regeneration technologies for waste tires, and promote the development of green recycling in the industry.

7. the level of inspection and testing is improved

   Give full play to the role of tires and automobile testing grounds in the province, improve tire and automobile integrated design R&D, inspection and testing service capabilities, and create an inspection and testing platform with international advanced levels.

8. Standardization and brand building

   Promote the establishment of a high-end, green tire series standard system, focus on increasing varieties, improving quality, creating a brand, and creating an internationally competitive tire brand.

9. industry concentration

   By 2025, the output value of the tire industry will reach 200 billion yuan. There are 8 tire companies with sales revenue of more than 10 billion yuan, of which more than 2 companies have more than 20 billion yuan, and 1 or 2 companies have entered the top 10 of the global tire industry.