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  "In the use of new energy, we have always been ahead of the industry. Today, the national dual-carbon strategy is vigorously advocating and also encouraging the priority to promote the nearby development and utilization of'Guangdong'. We have also submitted an application for investment in the construction of wind turbines to relevant departments. It is to increase the proportion of new energy power generation in the company's total electricity consumption to 50% as soon as possible!" Niu Haiping, the secretary of the board of Daye shares, told the "Securities Daily" reporter.


Daye Co., Ltd.'s distributed solar power generation project built on the roof of the factory building Wang Xi / photo

A few days ago, when the reporter visited the famous "green factory" Daye shares in Zhucheng, Weifang, he found that distributed photovoltaic power generation equipment was installed on the roofs of all the factories in the factory. It accounts for more than 15% of the company's total electricity consumption. In the context of "dual energy consumption control", this "green electricity" is particularly eye-catching.

       According to Shandong Province’s new development plan for the “14th Five-Year Plan” of the “circular economy” in the industrial and information fields of Shandong Province, before 2025, Shandong will have a large number of such green factories emerging from the new outlet of the “dual-carbon” strategy. .

Make good use of "scenery" nearby

       After several rains, the roof of the production workshop of Daye's Zhucheng plant was a bit busy. Several workers were cleaning the dust from the solar panels on the roof of the plant with water guns and mops.

    "These solar panels are the hero of our factory. For every kilowatt of photovoltaic power they produce, we can use one less of the outsourced electricity." Niu Haiping told the "Securities Daily" reporter.

      As the world's largest bead frame material manufacturer, Daye shares has a prominent industry position in the field of bead frame materials, but it is unavoidable that the company also consumes a lot of energy in the production process. "Cost reduction, efficiency increase, energy saving and emission reduction have always been the company's development goals." Niu Haiping said that in 2015, the company cooperated with a local company to build a 16MW rooftop photovoltaic power generation project using the company's 130,000 square meters building roof. Its photovoltaic power generation is settled at a 30% discount on the electricity price of the grid during the day.

       As a result, the photovoltaic power generation project cooperated by Daye Co., Ltd. can save the company an average of 3 million yuan in electricity bills each year, and can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 13,000 tons. Daye shares, which tasted the sweetness, were successfully listed in 2017 and the company has more funds. At the same time, after noticing that the cost of photovoltaic investment has fallen sharply, they decided to invest in photovoltaic power generation projects by themselves, so they invested 180 million in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Yuan, a 50.5MW rooftop distributed photovoltaic power generation project was built on the roof of the company’s approximately 420,000 square meters building.

   "After several years of operation, the average annual power generation of the project has reached 55 million KWh. 95% of the power generation is used by our company. This saves the company's energy costs by 38.5 million yuan each year. With this calculation, the investment can be recovered within 5 years." Niu Haiping calculated this "green account" to reporters. According to the project's effective operation for 25 years and the current thermal power generation indicators, it can save about 17,000 tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 45,000 tons per year. Under today's "dual carbon" strategy, this "green account" is simply not too cost-effective.

       With the company's successful merger of Shengtong Steel Cord, the company's production scale has further expanded, and the company's demand for green development has become more urgent. Niu Haiping told the "Securities Daily" reporter that the company plans to invest in the construction of 70MW wind power generating units, using reservoirs, tidal flats and other areas and then using "wind energy" nearby to further increase the company's proportion of green energy to about 50% as soon as possible. At present, the plan has been incorporated into the energy development plan of Shandong Province during the 14th Five-Year Plan, and the construction of the project can be started after obtaining the approval of the government's construction plan. At the same time, the company will actively explore the application of clean energy such as natural gas power generation, heating and refrigeration comprehensive utilization to make this green factory greener.

       Shandong will build a large number of green factories

       Daye Co., Ltd. makes good use of the nearby "Glorious" new energy and increases the proportion of the company's use of green energy. It is a representative and epitome of the accelerated green development of Shandong industrial enterprises. A reporter from the "Securities Daily" learned from the Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology that in August this year, Shandong Province has identified the first batch of 85 enterprises as Shandong provincial-level green factories, and Daye shares is one of them. According to the “Fourteenth Five-Year Development Plan for Circular Economy in the Industry and Information Industry of Shandong Province” (referred to as the “Plan”) recently issued by the department, Shandong will strive to build 500 provincial and provincial green factories by 2025. There are 20 green parks and 500 types of green design products; the "Plan" also mentioned that the output value of new green industries in Shandong Province should account for more than 35% of the above-scale industries.

       High-energy-consuming enterprises have actively increased their green transformation efforts and fully implemented recycling production methods. Shandong Province, which is struggling to transform the new and old kinetic energy, has shown the characteristics of a significant reduction in power consumption of most high-power-consuming products. From the relevant data released by the Shandong Provincial Bureau of Statistics in the first half of this year, it can be seen that in the first half of this year, the value added of the industrial enterprises above designated size in Shandong increased by 16.1% year-on-year, which was 0.2% higher than the national level, while the industrial electricity consumption increased by only 9.8% in the same period, which was lower than 6.6 percentage points nationwide.

       Yang Zhigang, director of the Energy Division of the Shandong Provincial Bureau of Statistics, believes that Shandong Province is undergoing the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, and the economic development is gradually shifting from high energy consumption to green ecological development. The change in the electricity consumption structure is highlighting this effect. Shandong’s Shiheng Special Steel, Linglong Tire, and China United Cement have successively been selected into the list of green factories of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which also indicates that the construction of a green smart manufacturing system in Shandong, a major manufacturing province, has achieved initial results.

       According to the "Plan", by 2025, Shandong will achieve the highest resource utilization efficiency in the industrial and information fields in the country, the continuous improvement of the industrial solid waste resource recycling system, the basic formation of a circular industrial system, and the major progress in the construction of a circular economy system. The manufacturing system has accelerated the establishment of an industrial and information cycle development model, and a resource recycling system that conforms to the industrial economic structure of Shandong has been initially established.

       Xu Chongqing, director of the Institute of Ecology, Shandong Academy of Sciences, said that enterprises are encouraged to promote the development and utilization of wind energy and solar energy in the vicinity, eliminate outdated production capacity, control the addition of high-energy projects, and increase technological transformation...Traditional industries are in the use of new energy and energy saving. There is still a lot to do in terms of consumption.

Source: Securities Daily

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